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How to connect to HuntVPN on Windows
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Difficulty Level: Beginner
This guide shows you how to connect to HuntVPN on Windows.
If you do not have HuntVPN installed, see our guide: How to set up HuntVPN on Windows
Step 1. Log in to your HuntVPN account
Log in your HuntVPN account by typing your email address and password. When done, click the Log In button.
If you do not have a HuntVPN account, you can sign up here.
Step 2. Installing HuntVPN
Click Open file in the Downloads section of your browser to start the process. In some browsers, you may need to first save the HuntVPN installer to your computer and then open the file you downloaded.

Note: If you see an Open File - Security Warning dialog, click the Open button.

When the installer has started, you can select a destination folder and click the Install button.
Wait for HuntVPN to finish installing and click the Close button.
Step 4. Connect to HuntVPN
When logged in, select a server to connect to or use the Smart Select Server option.
w: connect
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What type of information do you log?
HuntVPN does not log any location or connection-specific information. We do not keep log files on websites that you visit or services that you use. HuntVPN gives you the privacy and anonymity you need.
How does HuntVPN protect my privacy?
HuntVPN establishes an encrypted connection between your device and our servers, any request made by you looks like it was made from our servers. Websites and other online services will be unable to determine your real location.
What types of service does HuntVPN provide?
HuntVPN provides personal and business VPN solutions over OpenVPN, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPsec connections.
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