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Difficulty Level: Beginner
To use HuntVPN on MacOS, you can configure the service with a variety of third-party apps, such as WireGuard and OpenVPN. While there is no official HuntVPN application for Mac OS yet, you can already enjoy the benefits by configuring it through these apps.

To get started, you can download the configuration files for the desired VPN server location from HuntVPN's website. These files will contain the necessary settings and credentials to connect to the VPN server using the chosen third-party app. Once the configuration files have been downloaded, you can install the third-party app and import the configuration files into it. This will allow the app to establish a secure and encrypted VPN connection to HuntVPN's servers.

For instructions on how to set up HuntVPN on your iPhone or iPad, see Apple iOS
WireGuard for MacOS can be configured by downloading the connection profile or scanning the WireGuard QR Code. WireGuard is available for free on the
Mac App Store
Create a custom WireGuard Profile
Import profile with a QR Code
  • While in your HuntVPN Account click on VPN
  • Scroll down to Custom Connection
  • Click on the icon to display the WireGuard QR Code
  • Open WireGuard on you iOS device
  • Select the + button to import a profile
  • Select the Scan from QR Code and Focus your Camera on the QR Code
  • When the app recognizes the QR Code, a popup will request a Tunnel Name.
  • When done, press Create Tunnel
Your HuntVPN connection is now ready for use on your MacOS device by opening the WireGuard app and enabling the desired tunnel.
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