What is a VPN?
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State-of-the-Art Encryption
At HuntVPN, we take your online privacy and security very seriously. That's why we use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure that your online activities remain private and secure.

We use AES encryption to secure your data as it travels between your device and our VPN servers. This is the same level of encryption used by governments and military organizations to protect their classified information.

Our encryption protocols are regularly audited and updated to ensure that we stay ahead of the latest threats and vulnerabilities. This means that you can browse the internet with confidence, knowing that your data is protected by the strongest encryption available.
SecureDNS is a crucial component of online security and privacy, and HuntVPN provides DNS over VPN (DoVPN) to ensure that your online activities remain private and secure. Our SecureDNS service encrypts all DNS queries, preventing third-party entities from tracking your browsing habits and gathering sensitive data.

By routing your DNS queries through our VPN servers, we ensure that your online activities remain hidden from prying eyes. This means that even your internet service provider (ISP) will be unable to track your browsing history or collect any sensitive data.

SecureDNS also protects you from DNS spoofing and other forms of DNS-based attacks, which can be used to intercept and manipulate your online activities. By encrypting your DNS queries, we prevent these types of attacks from being successful, ensuring that your online activities remain private and secure.

Using SecureDNS with HuntVPN is easy and seamless, with no additional software required. Once you connect to one of our VPN servers, all of your DNS queries are automatically routed through our secure network, ensuring that your onl The SecureDNS feature is enabled for all VPN subscriptions by default.
Threat Protection
HuntVPN's Threat Protection feature is designed to keep you safe while browsing the internet by shielding you from known online scams and phishing sites. By blocking these sites based on blacklists, our Threat Protection feature ensures that you remain protected from malicious attacks while online.

Phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it's easy to fall victim to them. Our Threat Protection feature ensures that you don't inadvertently provide your personal information to malicious actors by blocking known phishing sites before they can do any harm.

Our Threat Protection feature is regularly updated to ensure that it stays up-to-date with the latest threats and scams. This means that you can browse the internet with confidence, knowing that HuntVPN is constantly working to protect you from the latest threats.
Multi-Factor Authentication
HuntVPN's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is designed to provide an "additional layer of security", ensuring that only authorized users can access your account.

Our MFA feature supports both email-based 6-digit codes and authentication through an authenticator app like Google Authenticator to generate a unique code that changes every minute.

Once you enable MFA on your HuntVPN account, you'll be prompted to enter your MFA code whenever you log in.
For a guide on how to set up MFA for your HuntVPN account, see Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication

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